Kylie & Deniz Karaca - Chocolate Makers, along with many other hats!

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Name: Kylie and Deniz Karaca

Business:  Cuvee Chocolate - Bean to Bar Chocolate

Role:  Chocolate Makers, along with many other hats!

Source: Cuveechocolate

What’s your product passion? We’re passionate about making delicious chocolates but also helping to bring about positive changes in a very broken industry.  All our cocoa beans are 100% traceable and organic. We buy directly, mostly from small-hold farmers and also through our friends at Kokoa Kamili and Silva Cacao who are fetching the highest possible price from farmers, three times the commodity price (which is ridiculously low).  Farmers are rewarded for their efforts and so the incentives are there to produce high-quality beans rather than one set price.   In turn, this enables us to make excellent chocolate while fulfilling our responsibility to care for farmers, flavour, forest and future.   We’re very grateful for the relationships we have built with our farmers. 

What does the Mornington Peninsula mean to you?  I have so many fun memories of holidaying on the Peninsula as a kid, so many summers enjoyed as a family.  We enjoyed 10 years living on the Peninsula before our Tree Change, we loved the lifestyle and the friends we made, it will always hold a special place in my heart!

Favourite place to eat Ten Minutes by Tractor and Laura, an absolute must whilst in the Peninsula!

Source: Ten Minutes by Tractor

Favourite place to drinkJimmy Rum, Dromana.  We love their warm hospitality, incredible beverages, and relaxed atmosphere!

Source: Jimmy Rum, Dromana

Favourite place to go – The Beautiful Beaches!

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