An image of the products contained in the 'Gluten Free Gourmet Hamper'
A 280g packet of Bellarine Browine Company raspberry & macadamia gluten free blondie
A 500g bag of Humper Crunch fruit free, gluten free muesli. Made on the Mornington Peninsula
A 300g jar of King Valley Fine Foods gluten free hummus
A 500ml jar of King Valley Fine Foods shiraz & kalamata gluten free pasta sauce
A 375g bag of Otway Pasta Company gluten free torchio pasta. Free range and handmade.
A 250ml bottle of Yarra Valley Preserves balsamic salad splash salad dressing, with a small whisk attached
A jar of Red Hill Spice Girls spices

Gluten Free Gourmet Hamper

1 x 375g Packet of Otway Free Range Handmade Pasta

1 x 500ml Jar of King Valley Fine Foods Pasta Sauce

1 x 300g Jar of King Valley Fine Foods Hummus

1 x 280g Bellarine Brownie Company Blondie

1 x 150g Packet of Dench Baker Lavosh

1 x 250ml Bottle of Yarra Valley Gourmet Salad Dressing with whisk

1 x 90g Jar of Red Hill Spice Girls Dukkah

1 x 500g Bag of Humpercrunch Museli

1 x 150g Box of Yarra Valley Crumbs Shortbread

1 x Touring Map of Mornington Peninsula Restaurants & Attractions

1 x Gift Card