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1 x 100g Bag of Popped hand made Popcorn

1 x 250g Bar of Hand Made Traditional Date & Pistachio with Walnuts Rolada

1 x 300g Bag of Just Sweets Chocolate coated Honeycomb

1 x 25g Bag of Totally Pure Fruits Freeze Dried Fruit

1 x 300g jar of Ridge Estate Kalamata Olives

1 x 300g Just Sweets Hand Made Traditional Chocolate Rocky Road Bon Bon

1 x 100g Packet of Totally Pure Fruit Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberries

1 x 270g Box of Twins Pantry Gluten & Dairy Free Nuts

1 x 100g Packet of True Traditional Gourmet hand made Pita Pieces

1 x 45g Rosa Hand Made Gingerbread Cookie

1 x Touring Map of Mornington Peninsula Wineries & Attractions

1 x Gift Card

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