An image of the products contained in the 'A Big Thank You' gourmet gift hamper
A packet of Livwell lightly salted, slightly sweet popcorn.
A 375g packet of Peninsula Gourmet Emporium licorice allsorts
A 25g packet of Totally Pure Fruits freeze-dried strawberries
A 270g packet of TwinsPantry pesto almonds
A 150g bag of Dench Bakers sourdough snaps
A 300g Just Sweets cherry crunch rocky road bon bon
A 100g bag of Totally Pure Fruits freeze-dried strawberries coated with chocolate

A Big Thank You

1 x 150g Box of Yarra Valley Crumbs Macadamia Florentines

1 x 25g Bag of Totally Pure Fruits Freeze Dried Fruit

1 x 300g Just Sweets Hand Made Traditional Chocolate Rocky Road Bon Bon

1 x 200g Bag of Just Sweets Rock Candy

1 x 300g Bag of Salute Olives

1 X 700ml Bottle of Billsons Old Fashioned Cordial

1 x 750g Fruit Cake made by Allison from Alot of Good Stuff

1 x 90gm Bag of Livwell Popcorn

1 x 150g Bag of Dench Baker Sour Dough Biscuits

1 x 100g Packet Totally Pure Fruits Chocolate Coated Strawberries

1 x 375g Bag of Peninsula Gourmet Licorice Allsorts

1 x 270g Box of Twins Pantry Nuts or similar

1 x Gift Card