Test product - Gluten Free Pleasures

Test product - Gluten Free Pleasures

The picture perfect Bushrangers Bay can be found near Cape Schanck on the ocean side of the Mornington Peninsula.  However, the seemingly serene beach is contrasted both by the brooding headlands and wild waves that crash onto jagged rocks that guard the entrance as well as by a dark past; the bay is named after two escaped convicts, ‘bushrangers’, who made it ashore at this very spot after fleeing Van Diemans land.

Given its nefarious history and stormy nature, our Bushrangers Bay hamper is not for the faint hearted.  Bass & Flinders award winning gin selection looks to steal the limelight – tread carefully with their wicked “Wild & Spicy” Gin 10.  Enjoy matched with Coastal Tonic and dehydrated lemons from The Peel Thing.  The bounty is finished off with FP’s naughty Dark Raspberry Chocolate bar and Peninsula Nut Co’s Mixed Salted Nuts.

What’s inside:

Bass & Flinders

4 Pack Sampler

Peel Thing

Dehydrated Lemons 30g


Dark Raspberry Small


Coastal Tonic x 2


Mixed salted 120g